about BP kiwi

A Block Producer for the community

Putting the community first

BP Kiwi is a Block Producer for the community. With initiatives, active video content and a strong digital community presence, BP Kiwi aims to push forward education and growth in both the Telos and FIO eco-system. 

A single man operation launched in 2022, BP Kiwi has huge ambitions for the future.

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TelosTX.com EVM Explorer

TelosTX is a Telos EVM blockchain explorer that provides easy access to on-chain activity and statistics. TelosTX operates using Blockscout – an open source blockchain explorer software. 

BP Kiwi operates TelosTX as a service for the Telos community, providing an alternative explorer with additional tools and data such as charts & statistics. 

This service is funded from block rewards that Telos Kiwi receives. 

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Ideas to benefit the community

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2024 outlook

What are we working towards

1. ✔

Rebrand to BP Kiwi

Rebrand to BP Kiwi to cover all blockchain validator operations under one structure
2. ✔

Producing on Telos

Live infrastructure services on Telos testnet and mainnet blockchains
3. ✔

Live on FIO

Live infrastructure services on FIO Protocol testnet and mainnet

Voter growth & community presence

Community presence and voter growth on both Telos and FIO to establish BP Kiwi as a recognized & trusted block producer