BP Kiwi

A Block Producer

For Community Education Innovation

about BP kiwi

A Block Producer for the community

Putting the community first

BP Kiwi is a Block Producer for the community. With initiatives, active video content and a strong digital community presence, BP Kiwi aims to push forward education and growth in both the Proton and Telos eco-systems. 

A single man operation launched in 2022, BP Kiwi has huge ambitions for the future..

Feel free to join our Telegram and begin engaging in our community. 


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Ideas to benefit the community

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2023 outlook

What are we working towards

1. ✔

Rebrand to BP Kiwi

Rebrand to BP Kiwi to cover all blockchain validator operations under one structure
2. ✔

Producing on Telos Testnet

Begin producing blocks on the Telos testnet. This is an important step towards producing blocks on mainnet

Live on Telos Mainnet

The official launch of Proton BP as a Block Producer on the Telos mainnet. Allowing the community to stake and vote for BP Kiwi

Voter growth & community presence

Grow voter count and community presence on Telos to secure a placement of BP Kiwi as a trusted, known block producer.